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Equipment & Software used and reasons why

Through years of experience using a wide variety of equipment and software, we understand each stage of a project from data capture to data delivery needs to integrate seamlessly if requested accuracies, presentation and delivery dates are to be achieved. 
On occasion we have been asked if total stations (theodolites) are still needed now laser scanners are common place. Due to their accuracy, ability to control scan data and ability to efficiency collect topographical data, our answer is they are essential! 
Our equipment of choice is the Trimble S8. Ideal due to video-assisted robotic measurement, visual verification with data overlay / photo documentation, DR Plus (longer range measurement), FineLock (detects targets without interference) and SurePoint (automatically corrects instrument pointing). All these features (including our highly competent users) enable survey features to be collect accurately and efficiently which enables our surveys to be issued in a timely manor without issue.  
Trimble S8
Trimble S8
Trimble R8
Satellite Navigation (Sat Nav) is built into every desirable device from cars to mobiles, it's primary function is to tell the user where they are. A surveyors 'Sat Nav' performs exactly the same way, however, it can measure to millimetre accuracy!
We use Trimble R8. It has all the features we need to pin point our coordinates and datum and can also measure topographical features quickly & accurately. This is due to its advanced satellite tracking and 440 channels. An additional benefit is the integration with the S8 which can significantly increase our efficiency, enabling our surveys to be delivered promptly. 
Scanners have rapidly improved to enable them to be considered essential. This is due to significant improvements in portability, accuracy and speed of data capture. For measuring buildings inside and out their rate of data capture is unparalleled, on occasion the scanner also out performs the total station when collecting topographical data. 

The scanner for our general requirements is the Trimble X7. Portable, high accuracy, high resolution pictures and automatic registration.
Trimble X7
N4ce is the 'middle man' between total stations and CAD. We use N4ce as the software was created by surveyors for surveyors, thus significantly increasing our productivity as it 'understands' our requirements perfectly. 
Recap Pro
We have used a variety of point cloud processing / registration programs and have come to trust Recap 360 Pro due to its ability to automatically register point clouds, robust accuracy report and ability to quickly and efficiently import the 'cloud' into AutoCAD and Revit.  
Many people consider AutoCAD to be the industry standard CAD package, ​we use it, like it, and trust it due to its ease of use, flexibility and seamless integration with a wide variety of software packages.  
Revit provides robust scan to BIM functionality, however the software has a steep learning curve, but when mastered the software is unparallelled.   
Ease of use, flexible and accurate. Sketchup make is also free, enabling our clients which aren't 3D enabled to view and add their proposed designs to our models. 
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